Nine Mum long years have been and gone
Are we any further on?
The years just seem to come and go
Recovery savagely, grindingly slow

Others outside looking in
Can't perceive the pain I'm in
They think I'm fine, they think she'll cope
I sleep, I breathe, I live in hope

I feel so sad for things you've missed
For all the girls you would have kissed
The friends the fun you've been denied
The times I've thought of this and cried

The normal things that bring us pleasure
Far too numerous to measure
Trips abroad, parties, driving
Still in rehab always striving

Striving to be well one day
"One Day Mum" I'll hear you say
When I feel I can't go on
I think of you my precious son

I feel your strength that rarely falters
I wait and wait until life alters
I never ever give up hope
There is no other way to cope.