: Poetry condenses what we have to say and helps people to understand the pain that the whole family are forced to take.

Poetry is a great teacher, using films family photos and poetry we take you on a 27 year journey.

Staff [at all levels] who care for someone who is suffering from mental distress will gain a far deeper insight from our sessions. Workshops can be tailored to suit your specific needs and audience. Insight into how this tragic life event/journey is taken by the whole family. Learning is further enhanced watching the BBC2 Documentary 'My Family Loving Christian', the BBC followed us for 17 days during which our whole family were filmed to provide an open and honest account of our lives.

We take you on a 27 year journey, along the way the workshops will cover

From Service User to Carer - Georgina's own experiences of mental distress

Disbelief - Confusion-Diagnosis? Side Effects

Difficulties accessing Services

Information & Support

The Liquid Cosh

The Wilderness Years

Relapse - A Crisis Situation

5 Years In Care

Back In The Community

Stigma- Welcome Home Christian

The impact On The Whole Family

A Siblings View

Good & Bad Practice

Recovery Or (Discovery?)

Acceptance At Last

Standard Consultancy Rates - Please contact Georgina for more information on the services offered:
Provide advice to organisations on user and carer involvement
Participation in half day training events
Guest speaker at Conferences, Dinners and Corporate Events
Day training events
Travel - 40p per mile

Georgina does lots of talks for carers groups free of charge - please get in contact for more information

Comments from nurses following the training sessions:

I have learned more in 2 hours about what it's like to both suffer from schizophrenia and be a carer to a sufferer than I have ever done before through weighty textbooks.

I can say in all honesty now that I have not given the carers the support that they need. I had no idea how hard their lives can be, from now on I will give them far more consideration.

I am aware that carers are wandering on and off the ward all day but as I am often busy I don't really take a lot of notice, I will consider them far more after this session.

I have always thought that the patient is the only one that I should consider. I can see that the carers need our support too. This session has completely changed my whole attitude.

In future I will offer the carers a cup of tea and a chat, after all if we don't look after them too where would their loved ones be?

This session has really made me think and also realise how much a kind word and a smile could make such a difference. Their lives are so taken up with the caring role I really had no idea of how exhausted they must be, we find it hard but at least at the end of the shift we can go home and switch off - for them it's relentless, my whole attitude towards carers has changed now.

We need to look after carers, they provide the most care and without them where would we be? and more importantly where would the person needing care/support be?.